Absolute Power

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Invisible Power, Absolute power corrupts absolutely. No common sense and no respect

Do you have power? Do you feel empowered? Where is the power?

As you work hard for every little morsel, do you feel some great sense of accomplishment? What about when you look around and people you know are not entitled eating the food you stored away for your children? Are you suppose to turn a blind eye and just keep on working?

I mean you are sitting at your nice little home, relaxing from a long week at work and everywhere you go to “buy something”, you keep seeing strangers. Of course you're shocked, but you take it all in stride. Now, you run out of milk for your babies, go to the local store and the man selling you milk has had it on his self for years. What does he care for your health and welfare?

You can no longer pray in public. Your rights and privileges are slowing, surely disappearing. Your spiritual beliefs are becoming all but a fallacy?

So before the next emergency, you wonder from where did he come? How did he get this store in your community? While you were working for a better life, he is working for your money? He has more freedom than you, in your own community. He dictates to you what kind of products you will have. It is easy to be brave from a distance or to beat the iron while it is hot, but even better is to be a good neighbor than a distant friend.

What do good neighbors do? Do you see it or is that you do not know exactly what to do? Do you know you can kill off a whole flock of turkeys, as long as they don't know from which direction the danger is coming?

You have got nothing against the stranger, it is the principle of the situation. Where will it stop? All of which you had no control, no power. From where did that power come? The power of the invisible! Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

No common sense and no respect! No power to the people.

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