If you do not give it power, what power can the invisible have?

However, the minute you show it is the minute you have given it power. A man lost several thousand dollars by going to a psyche advisor to be cured of AIDs. I am not saying that psyche advisors can not cure AIDs, but what good is it when you don't believe in the powers of psyche? You knew the risks, why do something half-heartedly and then get upset because someone else is saying you are not healed?

If you do not give it power, what powers can the invisible have? However, the minute you acknowledge it is the minute the invisible comes to life. A man looses several thousand dollars going to a physic advisor to be cured of AIDs.

Why give bad things power? People say good things are not profitable? But on the same token, bad things are not prosperous? A man builds a space ship to go into space. He builds a submarine to go under water. The question is, when he gets there what will he do? What can he do, that is so different and more important than what he is currently doing? What will he bring back to us, for using our hard earned money for his own personal gain.

A husband going away for awhile, will normally bring something of importance back to his nest. There are costs to pay when one is gone away from the nest, for any length of time. Call it invisible.

We can chose to make our lives better here on earth or we can continue exploring the unknowns? Being invisible.

The problem is not our natural or supernatural invisibles, it is our own man-made invisibles. Before we complete one, we are off and running to another. This creates unnecessary stress. Especially when for what we are looking is right under our noses, human beings and vegetables. On top of all that, all you ever come back with are dirt samples, cosmic dust. This has gone on for centuries.

The research and developmental costs are astronomical and continue to skyrocket, compared to the results. Just look at the cost of living?

The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible. When have we nearly conquered those? What is essential for life is invisible to the eye. Are we getting closer to having the essentials for life or are we getting further away?

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