Power of Persuasion

We want to force everyone to do what we want them to do, mostly because that is the way we have been trained and treated. Forced into the military, slavery, intergration, mandatory education, force as a way of persuasion all these years forced to do their work.

The power of persuasion is the ability to convince someone of an idea, attitude, or action by rational and symbolic means. A strategy of problem-solving relying on logos, pathos, and ethos rather than force? The world is round? God is? America is? Art is?

Aristotle three levels of persuasion: : Logos is logic and reasoning to persuade others to see things in a different light. All differences aside, no matter your faith, all faiths need to come together. Do you not agree? one-on-one, in small groups, and in writing. Pathos uses emotions, passion, empathy and feelings to build emotional discontent and to motivate people towards change. There has got to be a better way! Try to empathize with others and put ourselves in their shoes. To understand or be sensitive to another's feelings or ideas. Ethos requires integrity, character, wholeness, consistency and discernment. Ethical people are a living example of the truth behind their arguments. They live what they believe. Their arguments and opinions speak for themselves, in the actions they choose to take. The consequences of their actions prove the truth behind their opinions.

My thing is interpreting the messages of others and using them as lessons learned and having the freedom to lead or follow by reasoning. There are different styles of leadership, as there are faiths and this is the one I choose. Listening!


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