Predatory practices by Global Companies

Predatory practices

You see, this just goes to prove my point and worse, you have governmental organization who fund Corporate predatory practices.

Let's see, there are predatory corporate practices by Global Companies and predatory lending by corporate companies? There's corporate greed by corporate America and between the two, fraud waste and abuse?

You would think a huge chocolate manufacturer like Hershey's would never engage in such a thing, but according to SEIU, that's not so and has launched a campaign to expose and help "cultural exchange students" fight Hershey's alleged predatory practices.

Here's my thing and it is more important than students. Intentionally or unintentionally, government organizations fund and promote these companies, including their predatory practices because they are huge and appear to be so successful. They are in the sack together. Here's another way how Business Startups Why not look before you leap? Then, utilize companies that do not engage in these practices. What better way to send a clear message? Do you think Hersey's the only one? Tainted chocolate, there are too many to mention. If we did a better job of that, predatory practices would not flourish.

The same government organizations scrutinize consumers to death to use their resources to connect with these global companies.

If the consumer knows, how can the government not know? If the government can launch a war on drugs why not a war on predatory practices? Why do they always give advantage to large companies over consumers? Even crazier, government employees salaries are paid by consumers but they act as if they are paid by corporate companies.

Every year, international college students spend thousands of dollars to work at globally recognized institutions and experience America, only to find themselves with abysmal treatment and poverty wages. Why would Americans fight for them, when college students took their jobs?

Against all odds, students working for the famous chocolate factory in Hershey, Pennsylvania have gone on strike to fight back against the company's predatory practices and to win fair wages. How is a foreign student going on strike viewed as fighting back?

Their story has inspired national attention and a State Department investigation, but since many of them make $8 an hour (with "program fees" and rent automatically deducted) they're running out of time and on the verge of being unable to afford basic necessities: food and rent. I say, tell me something new! This sounds like the whole American economy.

Today, the company relies on a "cultural exchange" program that asks foreign students to pay up to $6,000 to come to America to work for $8 an hour to work at a companies like Hershey and experience what it’s like to live in America. Now you know.

They will win a fair wage and strike a major blow against predatory corporate practices...If unionized American workers could not and governmental organizations do not, I wish foreign students all the best at taking American jobs.

Further, I question why Service Employee Union International, doesn't find companies that do not engage in predatory practices, instead of soliciting funds from jobless Americans, to fight for foreign college students to fill critically needed jobs in America? What kind of cultural exchange is that?

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