Survival Equal Staying Power

Staying power equals survival

Chomping at the bit, some may have never heard that term, but it is more real than ever today

I am one who is always wanting to get somewhere, and that can be nicely referred to as always "chomping at the bit". I think it horser trading language, but it makes a lot of sense when it comes to our economy these days. Our economy is setup in such a a way that it keeps us chomping at the bit.

That can be good or bad and today is proof. Let's see! I'm getting millions of dollars to help hundreds of people? What's wrong with that picture?

A lot of people will do everything they can to suck you in. You know them when you see them, by how profitable they look. They adorn themselves in such a fashion as to appear to be professional, have everything you want and there is a good reason for that.

They work in high places, hold high positions and rub shoulders with people they think have more than them, to make themselves feel good and to keep you chomping. But I am here to tell you, because I have tried them all and they only want to take advantage of your kindness.

You hear them boasting all the time about the good deals you gave them, but very seldom is it the other way around. So why do we keep going to them. Are they out there to really help the little man?

They are setup to take what you have by causing you to believe they are going to help you get what you want. Their game revolve around getting you to give up what you have to get what they have. They do that by promoting how much easier it will be for you to do that. Now look!

They are best known as Investors, Resources to help you and Corporate America. If this was not so, would our economy be in such a mess?

At my home, there is peace and harmony because I like it that way. Because I have worked hard and paid for what I have long years ago, I am not feel as much pressure to take desperate such desperate measures. Further, I do not feel pressured to have a high paying job stressing to go out tell more lies to steal more money and support from little people to get what they got.

If you never see or read this article, only you will have missed out.

On a GRAND SCALE are they really out there to help poor Americans? Then, why are Poor Americans still even poorer after all these years? If you have devoted your career to ensuring America has access to safe, decent, and affordable housing, then why are not Americans able to access affordable housing? Even worse, why are hardworking Americans being kicked out of over priced housing? Why did you allow prices on housing for Americans to skyrocket out of control? Foundation for family, safe neighborhoods, good schools, and job creation??? Where is it? Can I get a little help making small home repairs? While you go out paying overpriced constuction crews to build even more unaffordable housing. How many houses have you taken back? How many homes do you have up for sale? Where are the residents? Did they move on?

It is too late after the cows have gotten out. Are you still asking what I have that others do not? Keep going!

I see what others fail to see. I analyze situations and surmise that if my economy is broken, then its people is broken, no matter how little or much money I have.

I have the ability to discern people who are really trying to help this country and people who are out to screw this country just for a "fat paycheck". What about the little people? How do they get help? Are you too big to see?

Now, how can you, the powers to be in this country, judge my credit? How can you tell me about my debt to credit ratios, when I have no debt? How can you say you are doing more to help this country when you are in debt upto your ears? Spending money you do not have is not wise? How can you explain to me about assets, debt and credit scores when you are indebted like hell? The less I spend the more you spend? Damn right I am going to say something, not because it is your money, but because I pay your salary and cannot get shit worthwhile back out of you?

Do you think I want to live like that, with all that stress? How can you tell me I have bad credit when I pay cash for everything? Living above your means has not so much to do with what you pay for as poor quality products and services you go heads over hills in debt for. And you call that affordable?

My question to you is, How do you survive? Does living within your means, mean living in debt? Why are you persuading me to have credit? Really, you are forcing me to have a credit card, why? Why do you persuade me to buy a $100,000 house, when it is only worth $15,000? And really, when you consider the quality of workmanship, it is not worth that.

Do you know a lemon when you see one? Have you ever paid $15 or $20 thousand for a lemon? What is a lemon worth?

What do I have that others do not? What do I have that others need? What do I have that others want? Is our economy surviving? What's, who's actually causing it? Now, do you care?

I have the ability to survive, without debt and credit. I have staying power. I know without a doubt, your waste will be your wants. One man's trash is another man's treasure. I know the formula for staying healthy and alive and that does not include stressing myself for your gratification or is that "chomping at the bit"?

Without me, you are nothing. Now, who am I?

(((your inner

Deperate to be just like you!

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