Predicting the Future

What about your own future?

Most would say fallacy and stop wasting time, but it happens everyday. Hence, today we are pretty much "dependent" upon scientific evidence, polls and the like. People have all but given up on themselves and heavily depend on someone else for their future.

Planning = predicting, vision and action. So we Can Know What’s Ahead. Don't doubt yourself, we come well prepared for this job. You will never know what’s going to happen, but we all can pull together by predicting a brighter future, for all.

Predicting? Start predicting the future. Good predictions empowers a people. Bad predictions, a people can be more combative, prepared and make better decisions. Keep hope alive.

Many experts in the 1950s predicted that baby boomers would create enormous unemployment! During that time Baby boomers, just wanted a better future and they saw it through more and better jobs.

Experts also predicted that huge numbers of employees would be working from home! Surprise: Everyone’s at work. Or are they? This prediction tells me that everyone went to work and we had enough jobs at that time. However, we have lost those jobs, now what? More importantly, we have destroyed – trust and faith. Seeing is believing.

That work performs a social function and most people want to be at an office. Boy, how things have changed. Credit, a job has become our most important concern. What choice? Today, you need a job to have any Social function and most people would rather work from home, it is just a matter of how. See SBI- TV

Women would not flood the labor force, contributing to higher unemployment? Women has flooded the work force, was that the contributing factor to higher unemployment? What about opening the labor force to other ethnic groups? Either way, that doesn’t help fix the job problem at hand.

How did combativeness come into the picture? People have been pulled out of the problem combating mode to we can always get someone else to solve our problems. Good or bad, we are going to be combating problems, but at least we all would be combating the major problems, leaving more time and help to combat personal problems.

Vision? No vision, no action. Too many visions, too many actions! What vision can we all agree upon, for the sake of saving ourselves and our country? Can we become believers and enablers? Would every person what to do that?

Action? Whatever we do, it should be productive. What fun is there in doing non-productive stuff, more often than productive? Responsible for as long as you can be responsible. Not on one, but all people. Each one of us has something great to contribute to our cause, which without, we will never reach our goals. No child left behind??? Confused, what action do you take? When you have nothing, why would you take that and give it to somebody else? People in America are suffering, worse than any earthquake victims I know. Just look into our hospitals, nursing homes, and communities…? We can not leave our own doors unlocked, how can we go help somebody else secure theirs? Do you want to lose everything? What is happening to our own victims of natural and man-made disasters? By the action you are taking today, you can know what is ahead. United we stand, divided we ….Vision.

Now, What is your plan? Whose plan do we follow? Whose plan do you support? Which plan is best for all citizens, young and old?

Common sense and respect, is that a fallacy or can you handle the job? It all starts with predicting your own future.

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