A Priceless Society

Our women, children and seniors in an uproar!

What about our women, children and seniors? Every step you take is different. Priceless is to look at how much money you could have saved!

Sometimes, I see the average cost of housing in our areas and I think, How? Why? Why would a people drive their costs up so high, not one of them could afford them. Not even themselves own up to it?

What is the purpose of telling yourself, you will never know the price of a gallon of gas again, not even from one day to the next?

How do you explain to yourself, past or future generations, we "slipped backwards" on my watch? We are quick to pat ourselves on the back for our great accomplishments, but when it gets right down to it, does it ever occur to us, how ineffective and inefficient we really are?

Management of resources, aren't we supposed to be properous? Why is there always excuses for failing to get the job done during our watch? How do you explain to your women "because you cannot pay our overinflated morgages we're going to have to put you out? Where do you expect them to go? Reckon they should remain loyal to your country? Would you even put your ownself out?

What about the quality of our work"man"ship? What is the life expectancy of the average house in America? Will your children be expected to live there? Do you know this Xmas season many American families will be losing their homes? If they are short on shoes, think about the more expensive things in life! So there's nothing you can do, right? Do Scientists fear this number will rise? Priceless!

If we are such a rich, Christian, nobel world class power, why and how do these kind of things go without notice? Would we rather argue about tax cuts or put all Americans in affordable housing? What would be the argument there? What about "give" every good American affordable health care? What's the argument there? Is arguing the only thing for which we're good? Really, how much for and about do we really care for the next American? Is this cause for an uproar?

Why do we have so many women and children sleeping on the streets, while you sleep in a nice clean over priced investment home? Will we create jobs or wait for someone else to? Will we even hire Americans. Remember, I love all people, but how can you love anyone when you do not love yourself and your country? For what is there to fight?

What about breaking barriers between people and animals? Are we posturing or are we out to cause bodily harm?

What is the definition of a dead beat dad? You preach about how dedicated you are to the poor in other countries, but when it comes to our home? Who and where are our real terrorists?

I can only imagine what other countries are going through. "Miss a payment and you lose everything", even for what your forefathers have worked? Think about that for a moment? What, where is the incentive to work? "Oh well!" Even how unethical we are in the practice of buying and selling our houses, cars and jobs, especially to our women, children and seniors?

They don't deserve it do they? They deserve to be resigned to unaffordable housing? They made too many mistakes. They are not responsible and any other excuse of which we can think, but for disaster relief overseas? But for illegal immigrants, any immigrant, sleep better than our own? But if immigrants really knew really what was going on?

Where will our women and children do business? Where will you, our next senior live out your last days? How determined must they be to compete and against who? Why should they? Why should any son or daughter compete against their parents? Why should any senior compete against a junior in a civilized society? Priceless!

Whatever happened to "family businesses"?

How do you explain to your children, sorry I do not know what the cost of a house will be when you grow up? How much money will you need to save inorder to live and raise your family comfortably in my land --$300,000!!! Does that even make sense? Son, it's upto you to figure that out?

Just what do you do when all your women tell you, "Take Your Jobs and Shove them"?

Do we not consider ourselves a "first world country", a nobel world power? Is that just our government or is that the majority of our male population? What about male bonding?

Sometimes, I wonder if I can ever do anything right?

Every step you take is priceless, look at how much money I saved? How much money can you save with the price of everything going up every day? Where are you headed?

What about our women, children and seniors? Is it "Every man for himself"? Priceless!

You say, living on a hope and a Prayer?

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