The most dangerous word in the English language!

I ain't too proud to beg....I think James Brown said it best. I am so proud of you. ooops!

You make me so proud. OOOPS! I somehow thought proud was a different word and meaning from the word "pride" but now I know the difference. I have always questioned it in my mind, but never really did any serious research to learn the truth. Now, that I have, it did not take very much before the truth, in my eyes, was seen.

PRIDE, the most dangerous word in the English language, why? Because it opens the door to all the other dangerous.

What is so important about that? If were to get this one right, it would open the door to the others. But until, all doors will be closed.

Pride gets in the way. Pride is the number 1 (one) Deadly Sin.

The word pride and proud is used so often, it is said without thinking. But I am here to tell you, You might want to find a better word to describe whatever it is you are talking about, well unless you are discouraging the use of the word.

(((your inner voice)))

God sets himself against the proud, but he shows favor to the humble.


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