Imprison me

Becoming a Man

What am I doing here? Why Am I in Prison, why am I doomed…

It takes help, working together, teamwork to get somewhere. Is it gender specific? Is the grass greener on the other side? What happens when you get over there? How do you avoid the tricks and traps? If you were free, what would you do?

Imprison me, what thoughts come to mind – incarceration, locked-up, officers, inmates, convicts, keys, locks, crime, barriers, restitution, separation, depression, poor judgment… lose of freedoms, rights, doomed...? Why is the majority of my manhood in prison and why are the majority of our men in prison and why are the rest of us imprisoned? It used to be something to be called a man. Why aren’t we “all” working?

Why do we think there aren’t enough jobs? Are our families working? I’m going to do this, that and the other? I can’t do this, that and the other? We think we never have what we need? We’re always doubting ourselves, a day late and dollar short. Is nothing to do any excuse, is it acceptable? Does it pay to work for yourself?

Being a man, what does it take to be a man? Is it church, children, marriage, job, age, education, size… then why do we call our men adults at age 21? When do you call them men? What about the ability to stand on your own two feet? What about the ability to provide for your family? What are the responsibilities that come with providing for families? If we have more broken homes than we do whole, what does that indicate?

So, if our men are being denied these responsibilities, for whatever reasons, what does that mean? What about our future? Whose laws are you violating, yours or theirs? How does one man live in accordance with another man’s law? Is that lawless? So when you can no longer pay child support, what do you do? When you no longer obey your parents…

How can you get a job when there are no jobs, why don’t we punish people for lying? How do you prove they are lying? You are the proof, you are the messenger, you are the truth. People behind bars have more rights than people in regular population, at least they have a better excuse. So what should you do?

What about my inability to help my fellow man or his to help me? Is that hope, happiness or crime?

Why aren’t you doing what you’re supposed to do? Why have we turned our backs on our youth and our youth over to the state to be raised? People who do not have jobs should ban together and create jobs? Then, people with phony dead-end jobs will be forced to do their jobs better, just like convicts. It used to be something to be called a man and that is why we all wanted to grow up and be men. You avoided prison, the tricks and traps of life because “we worked together”, “we shared responsibilities”, based upon the seasons. That is how a man, any man handles responsibilities.

Being a man means being free to exercise your rights, the ability to follow, lead and/or get the hell out of the way. When you find yourself not leading or following then you already know.

Do you need to be behind bars to be imprisoned? Gullible, what happens when you find yourself walking the streets, instead of doing something constructive for yourself? Does working for your enemy count? Because you attend the boys and girls club…does that help with your responsibilities? Is that making a way of no way? Are we winning are losing? A man who cannot figure out a way, to help his fellow man is doomed, in prison, imprisoned and no good to the society in which he would like to belong.

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