What Love and Respect

What's going on with my faith and works? What does hindsight say, consumer math...

Did you know that 'gullible' isn't in the dictionary?

Am I lying to my self? Am I fooling myself and others? Is this system, this shit really working?

Who the hell gives a shit? Does anybody really respect me? Does anybody really respect each other? While I was in church, attending a funeral a mother fucker was outside fucking up my car.

Why teach love and respect. Really, who gives a flying fuck whether you live or die? If you don’t believe that, just try borrowing a few dollars. You just ain’t supposed to have but so much money, according to your income. Why don’t they teach according to your income?

Why do I give a "flying fuck" about George Washington and who discovered America or even who invented the wheel? Who gives a flying fuck about Black History? The damn wheel has been invented so use it. Going to court, do they love and respect me? Paying bills, do they love and respect me... are they supposed to?

What about insurance, why is there a need for insurance reform...profits over welfare... Why would you pay anybody to pay you? WTF, who is gaining from your being insured, family, friend or foe? Think for yourself. Do your consumer math.

As Human BEing, why don't we embrace HUMAN RIGHTS, they come out of love and respect for being a human?

Marriage, do we really love and respect or is it just self preservation? Are you really saving you? If you aren’t padding their pockets do they give a damn? Love and respect yourself.

NOW, why am I lying to me? Why am I wasting my time and effort working in vain? Why am I so gullible, easily led astray? Gullible is a failure of social intelligence in which a person is easily tricked or manipulated into an ill-advised course of action - economic and social decline. Credulity of my Love and respect, readiness and willingness to believe on slight or uncertain evidence. Is it working, does it work for you?

Dictatorship, they tell you everything to do and they do not do a damn thing. And you, you buy what you want and beg for what you need.

Am I really thinking? We give the people what they need. How do you distinguish the difference? Difference between Respect and Abuse

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