One of the most harsh punishments available to mankind and most often administered to people who have been proven guilty of law violations.

Prison is one place to find many African-Americans, especially African-American males, the oppressed people, descendants of slavery and the we know how to survive people.

Some how today, it may appear that going to prison, maybe becoming quite fashionable. Especially, from publicity generated by the imprisonment of certain celebrities and freedom fighters.

Prison life takes its toll on our population, from inmates to our justice system. Corruption anywhere provokes bad behavior. Prisons support a lot of people and lifestyles.

In my small town, of about 40,000, there are five prisons, two jails, one juvenile facility and a host of other rehabilitation centers and a constant plea for more. Isn't that a negative sign that could indicate our current programs just might not be working? In fact, could it be current programs are increasingly producing more criminals-- moving backwards instead of forwards?

Once, I was arrested for putting a small amount of trash (couple grocery bags) into a dempster-dumpster. Something is really wrong with our justice system and/or system of administering justice and it is not just a "they or them". It is, in many cases, an "us".

Instead of "Let my people go", isn't time to say, "Oppressed people wakeup, We have a choice!".

Prisons, as addressed here, include all forms of incarceration or house arrest, no matter how short the stay.

A life of crime, corruption, drugs, alcohol, prostitution and bad gangs is destroying everything. Between you and unfortunate circumstances, more and more of us are finding it more challenging to stay out of jail.

To those of us outside jail, there are some inmates depending on us to do what we know we need to do, just as there were slaves depending on freed people to do what they were supposed to do. So do not give up or in.

Do good and help your fellow man.

Families and communities must implement better CHOPT, procedures along with life skills within our families, communities... Programs and activities that encourage WORKING TOGETHER--

"Being confident in this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in me, shall perform it until the day of Christ Jesus" --Philippians 1:6

The Frightening horrors and tribulations of prison life and/or the act of being imprisoned.

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