Probation Violators

Like a Crack Head will steal you blind, so will a probation violator.

I'm saying this because some of us protect, hide, help probation violators, but we fail to realize what they have to lose. A lot of us, looking for cheap labor, hire probation violators.

They'll even tell you, I going back to jail, I'm just trying to make as much money as I can before I go. Then nice people you help or be sucked in - cheap labor.

Be foreWARNED: They learn your habits and what you have and come back, when you're not home. If you know and/or associate with a Probation Violator, you had better watch out.

They know as soon as they are caught, they are going to jail and they are going to take whatever it is to make their stay in Heart Break Hotel as pleasant as possible, even if that means leaving you in Heart Break Hotel.

You will be lucky if they do not hit you.

(((your inner

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