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Who's armed and who's not? What people is most likely to be convicted of crimes in America and what people is most likely to commit an atrocity?

Who's disturbing the peace? Does progressive call for an alternative means? Exploitation, injustice, racism, are you tired? How long…? Who are the only people not effected?

What’s that, why and what will it do for me? How is progressive information any different from any other information? More information.

I hear all these people talking about “progressive information”. As a matter of fact, there are media, mass media means that lay claim to providing you nothing but Progressive Information. The best of progressive information, from where does it come?

Personally, I am tired of listening to all the lies, propaganda, and rhetoric. Thinking about a career with progressive people and those who are relentless in the abuse of their power? Just what do progressive people do that regular people do not, how?

Progressive music, there’s also progressive music. There’s also “progressive technology”, the insurance company… Progressive information is leading the way.

Do you have power and are you relentless in the use of your power? Is it for good or bad?

More information, normally people just make it harder for other people. As important is the information, the source is even more important. Is that the problem? Do we lack clarity about our current meaning in life? Does the right know what the left is doing and should that be? What are our goals, should they be? How do you know how to vote? Do we really live by what we say the American flag represent, is that good things or gross atrocities? Would we commit an atrocity against our fellow man? What people would be most likely to sabotage my plans for success? Electronic surveillance, who's most like, what people is most likely to invade your privacy, for their own personal gain?

Who knows best? Why did they choose the people to raise their kids and do their work? So who would be more likely to trick or betray me? Who is my biggest critic, what people?From where comes my information and is it trustworthy. ARen’t we’re supposed to be trustworthy? Is that why there is a demand for progressive information? But what I’m after is, is progressive information any more trustworthy than any other information I’m receiving? What does it take to fight back and is there any need to fight back like hell? Fight back against what? Who are we fighting and why, Arabic countries – Iraq, Afghanistan, why? In which countries do we have troops and why?

An uprising, are we are in a "New Guided Age" where every available measure is used to produce a source of income? Does it show and if so, why so long and how did that come to be? What about workers throughout Georgia, labor laws and rights of works to keep America strong? Who did the work for our home, what people? Who taught the children, while others were studying and carrying on?

The purpose of the Progressive Information is to more widely share resources and information created to advance progressive causes. What’s a progressive call?

Let's start with the word, then study the history. Then we can unmask the assumptions that underwrite what it means to call oneself “progressive”. By calling ourselves progressive, we mean that we are Christians who have found an approach to God through the life and teachings of Jesus.

To stop the violence and abuse, Progressive is a great word to know in order to bring about alternative change.

Progressive versus Predictive behavior, Progressive is random, while predictive is just that. What about abuse, violence…? Whose demanding respect, do you have anything to do with how your neighborhood schools are run – Progressive or Predictive? schools are demanding access to all kinds of personal data, and also the right to exchange that data with other government agencies. When is it necessary to utilize military "force" and against what people? Is any group of people off-limits?

Moving forward socially and economically, in peace and harmony is the progressive means to progression . The ability to resolve problems must be progressive. Continue to train, advise and assist. The progression needs to be much faster and deliberate.

What's wrong with just Truthful INformation?

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