Tricks and Traps of Life

What is a life coach, are they better than mommies'... What does one man learn from another?

What will one man teach another? Why would he wnat you to pay? Would you use it against him? So, how do we really accomplish anything, other than tricking and trapping?

How do you learn the tricks and traps of life? First, are there any and are you the bait, the one being trapped or the trapper/trickster? Are you the one pulling the trick or are you being tricked? What good is a continuous cycle of trickery?

What about the tricks and traps life has in store for you? How do you learn to work together w/o squabbling, knowing there are people on your trail?

Time, life is too short for additional stress and drama. Less than 1/3 will get to live through full adulthood? How can you live longer, wronger? Is women liberation the most natural thing in the world?

Males lead the way, but they can’t do it alone, so let’s focus on those we upon which we depend the most.

How are we spared from hardships? Liberation until it comes to mating, no matter the time it is. Just how do you start the day off well? Who will teach the tricks and traps of life?

Nothing last forever, hold on no matter the costs, how are domains passed down and good things come to those who work. Enough is enough, I don't care what it is?

(((your inner

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