Ever wonder why we are not prospering? How can one of us prosper without the other? Is the lack of money a problem? Is that why you do nothing? Does the lack of money deny you the best services available? Does having money make you powerful or a better person? If money was no object, where would I go, what would I do?

Teach them how to prosper, to save their lives and in prosperity be joyful.

I have all the time, energy and money needed to do what is mine to do. True prosperity is not found in the outer world, nor is it determined by the amount of money you possess. True prosperity comes with wisdom. Prosperity must be cultivated on the inside. Prosperity is not something I have to seek; it is already here, waiting to be discovered. As I understand the power within me, I inherit millions.

Prosper individually or as a group? Some people make huge profits, but what does that do for our economy? The rich just keeps getting richer and the poor, poorer. Where is the humanity in that? How can I consider myself so rich, with all these poor folk around me? How did I get rich? Do they want to be rich? Do I need them? Do "they" need me?

Where is the lesson learned? Whether you accept it or not, we are all connected, those you know and those you do not know. What I do or fail to do also affects you. Why try to save the economy? Who is the economy? Money wise, as long as the rich can keep the poor thinking "they need" the rich more than the rich need the poor, so will it be.

My first prosperity lesson. Know the difference between prospertiy and profit. What good does it do for a man to profit and lose his soul?

Profit, why do "we" make it so hard to profit? I mean, if you consider yourself a good productive citizen and apply for your dream job, why are you less likely to get it?

Why are our very profitable companies so hard on potential employees? Why do they force you to live according to their standards, when you are doing a great job?

Why does it appear to be easier to become a common criminal than land a great job? Who's responsible? Why do you need an income? If we are so profitable, why has our economy come to an economic melt down?

Prosperity will be incoming in abundance. If you do not know just ask someone who has experience. Just as time has brought our economy to this dreadful end, so does anything bad. Good comes to those who do good. Just keep yourself in position and today's time, that is so hard to do.

Today, I will adjust the wording of my website theme, by changing one word, Income to Prosperity and the same with my thinking. I know if I have inspiration and spirituality, Income will follow, even better, I will prosper. In the beginning I used the word prosperity, but did not think it hit home well, because I thought people need income. But that is not true, people need prosperity. In prosperity comes hope.

With the primary focus on income, profit is put above the welfare of people. That is what we have proven. Income is addictive, the more we get the more we need. We just can't be content. With the primary focus on Income, it leads to greed stress and frustration. People need to know, they can live happy prosperous lives with or without a dime.

Does your style of living depend on your income? Does your income determine your style of living? Does having lots of money make you a better person? Those questions go for both rich and poor, but generally speaking, rich folk do not follow poor folk. Poor people do not make laws, rules and regulations. As long as the rich can keep the poor thinking the poor needs them more than the rich needs the poor, so will be it. We will continue disrespecting ourselves and what kind of future will we have? Profit has got a strong hold on us.

We all have to work to live and there is no getting around that, but that does not mean I have to reduce myself to do your "dirty jobs". My decision not to have a job working outside my home, should not deny me access to the essentials of life. Why should I have to buy food, water, shelter when all that stuff is free for the having and can be raised at home? Well, it was until somebody took it away. Now, it's like unacceptable living to grow your own.

Not having a job, does not make me lazy and all those other negative words. In fact, that is just the opposite. The problem is, we have built our lives around a nine to five.

The word income can give an impression that keeps us focused on doing things we do not need to do, in order to receive things we should be producing for ourselves. Take our utilities, the services are getting worse, while the costs are skyrocketing? Now, we are running out of resources. Trying to get an income, the needs of my loving heart have gone without.

By grace and goodness, I am unlimited. I am wealthy beyond measure. I give thanks for the unlimited good that surrounds me. All I am, all I have, all I give and all I receive are part of infinite and unlimited good flowing to me and through me right now.

Do you know how to apply this doctrine of prosperity to your life? Are you surrounded by people who know?

Prosperity is the result of things circulating, - Giving. It starts with the a mind-set, a consciousness, a knowing that everything we need is already supplied.

Inspiration and Spirituality equals Peace and Prosperity.

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