Provoking Rage

Aren't we suppose to be getting better? So what's provoking so much rage today? There is fighting on every front.

Have you ever been a victim of rage? I can remember the late sixties and early seventies. Now, rage comes in so many other forms, road rage, domestic violence, schools, air, next-door neighbors, one of my favorite place,,,,the internet. Rage is everywhere and strikes when you least expect. Is rage a natural reaction to our high-pressure, aggressive society?

Rage is the act of intense anger. Acts of rage result when anger is allowed to build until it erupts into violent outbursts of emotion. Violent disputes are rarely the result of a single incident, but rather, personal attitudes and the accumulation of stress in the life of a person. If you do not find a way to vent all that stress, it will kill you from the inside out.

Today, reminds me of the old western days, where everybody carried a side arm and you could easily get shot for pissing off the wrong person. Today, it is the same. You can get shot over stepping on somebody’s foot, loud music, jealousy, envy, the list goes on…but it is easier to encounter a violent attack on friendly land than ever before. People will try you.

The flood of information we are “expected” to absorb each day is horrendous and killing us. We are paralyzed by it. It seems we can not get enough? We can’t seem to get it organized enough to go exactly where it is need, so we dump on everybody. Taxes, do they ask before a tax increase? It is like they do not care whether you can afford it or not, they tell you their reason why and leave the rest upto you. That’s stress! It is cause for frustration and frustration erupts in the form of violence.

Many times it seems people do not hear you until you go-off? That’s a problem in itself. Rage only make things worse.

Then, there is our double-standard system. You just can trust nobody. So we have resigned ourselves to stirring people to achieve our desired action. We a literally scaring people to death or frightening them out of their wits, for personal gains.

People with rage have twice the risk of stroke, heart attack or other stress related illnesses.

Good people are slow to react, but bad people rush out, do all their dirt and we all have to suffer. We must implement more means of relieving stress, practicing patience, and intolerance with and of each other. Compassion.

How does sbi deal with rage?

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