We always want to know if you are qualified? What exactly does that mean? Which is more important? How do you make that determination?

Often we do not take responsibility for what we are called to do. Often time we leave it to others because we believe others are more qualified. No, those who make a difference in life, do not do that because they know in their hearts of hearts, they are the best qualified and decided to take responsibility.

The most qualified are not called, but those who heed the call will be qualifed. A lady who happened to be white told the story about an experience she had riding a crowded bus. "A black man holding a baby boarded, so she scooted over and invited him to take a seat. As the bus pulled off, two troubled men who happened to be white started to jeer her by making racially offensive comments." What would you have done?

Each one of us are to use whatever gift(s) received to serve the cause of others, not to blame others or skip responsiblity, but to take more responsibility for stepping forward in our actions and attitudes. Now, take the words and actions of Sarah Palin, whom I do not know personally. But publicly, one of her favorite sayings is "Stop the Blaming", however; if you look back over her campaign strategy, just what did she do and who did she blame? Just who is she now blaming?

You know we take credit for a lot of stuff, but when it gets right down to it, we fail to discipline ourselves where it really counts most--racism, debt, eating, moral and ethical behavior, gardening, driving, depending on someone else to do our jobs...

We can tell you all about stop-smoking, stop-drinking, this diet, that diet, this drug?...but then look at all the other crap, the more important areas of life, in which, we fail and refuse to discipline ourselves?

The question is not, "Are you qualified", The question is: Are you CALLED? When you are CALLED and heed that call, you will be QUALIFIED. It is then and only then that GREAT THINGS HAPPEN! Many are qualified but few are Called!

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