Thinking of Quitting!

How do you get a second wind?

Have people given up on you? What happens when you panic? Man, I finally made it! What is the difference between quitting something good and quitting something bad?

You know when things are going soooo good, how easy it is to forget and take our eyes off the prise. Talent, fame, fortune, and despite it all, I will still face considerable adversity. Is quitting ever an option?

Have you ever been humiliated to the point you said, To hell with it? Well, you can say that, but those words may come back and bite you.

This is a very competitive world and no matter what you do adversity is just around the next corner. So why do we put forth so much work to avoid it? Why do not we just throw our hands in the air and give up?

Warding off adversity can be a very depressing and discouraging thing because it is constant and we expect it not to be. I feel like I am in a debtor’s prison.

It is often much easier to give way to self-pity than it is to kick your struggle to the next level. Do you know the feeling of being forced into submission? There is always another way. Suicide is a longe term solution to a short term problem.

That is how I felt starting this project. I did not have a clue and in many ways, still do not. How often do I question my abilities as a "life coach". Where is my fame and fortune? How many times a day does quitting go through my mind? I am learning and sharing but what good is that? Just how do I get paid - actuality and reality? I am actually doing this, but what is the reality of it all?

It is far easier for me to say I can’t do it any more, I can’t hold on. I have to get an extra job... However, after writing this, I am more encouraged and determine than ever and may be you will be too.

Do you know what a "second wind" feels like? How do you get a second wind?

Thinking of quitting? Don’t! Be steadfast. Do not stop praying. Remember, You can not save yourself, we make too many mistakes and we all are standing on "sinking sand". So all the unnecessary struggling you do will only make matters worse. If we could save ourselves, what would be the problem? Why would you need anyone else? Like a person drowning in deep waters, when the lifeguard arrives, the first thing the lifeguard is going to tell you is “Stop struggling and listen to him”. That will help save you from yourself, making it a lot easier for someone to help you.

That is exactly what I am saying, “Stop struggling in life and trust in your God”. He has blessed you with everything you need to survive, whether others think you can or not. Easer said than done, you say? We must have faith and practice.

What is the difference between quitting something good and quitting something bad? Nothing good can come out of something bad. Though we find ourselves there, bad is not an option, but a consequence. No matter how bad it gets, you must remain "GOOD"! How do you apply Reasoning?

Does not quitting mean not getting the proper rest, food, exercise....? Will quitting help that situation?

Survivors will tell you that you cannot save yourself, but at the same time, you can never give up. Somebody said, Art because you said that does not make it true? Just try it and if you survive, please tell me about it? It's far easier to "quit" than to die trying.

Keep preparing yourself, learning is a Spiritual Quest and you can do it!

Qualified or Called which are you?

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