Terrorism and being without is it possible?

What can “we” do to help each other today? No matter what I write, the washing machine of the world just keeps spinning out of control.

Terrorism and being without is it possible?

When will somebody, anybody pull the power source? I love you. What about minimizing some of the anger, hatred and brutality etched into the minds and hearts of our people? Let's cut all the bullshit and if we make nothing else, let us make a world full of peace and helpfulness? Is that too hard or asking too much, is it needed? Would it solve many problems? Would it make for a better and brighter future? Here we go!

A world without terrorism, is it possible? Most of our paid, educated writers will give you a long line of bullshit in answering that question, but not here? That is because they have never been there? Brutality has convinced me that hatred is not justified and that is exactly what terrorism is and does.

How can you be free in a world full with TERRORISM? Go figure! Are we, as a people, more imprisoned than free?

As much as we would like to think we are foot loose and fancy free, just how free are we??? Can you really afford to do what is good for you—healthy food, air, water, affordable utilities, taxes? How can you manage your budget with the bigger budget out of control? Money or should I say the lack of money in your pocket is the biggest “ball-and-chain” around your body? There is money and then there is DEBT and CREDIT, what do they do for you? Do you remember the time when you could actually work your way out of debt? Do you remember when credit was something you actually earned, instead of a means to get you deeper in DEBT? mY favorite saying, How stupid am I or is that "we"? What about cars being better and cheaper? Why do we advertise all these great deals on items that are over priced higher than you could have ever believed? Where is the good deal in paying $4.00 a gallon for something that twenty years ago cost 25 cents a gallon? Is that progress or self-destruction?

Like a carrot dangled before your eyes, it makes you think, if I could only earn enough money, I would truly be free to take care of myself and my family like I know I should? So, a world without terrorism is it possible?

Where does terrorism start? Just like anything else, it starts at home. To know one, I have never come in contact with a terrorist because the people who actually terrorizes “us” are not considered terrorist? You see a terrorist cannot, in a single act, terrorize one person, but in a single act, they terrorize all people. Why, what good would the act of a suicide bomber do to one person, they are dead. So terrorism is a strong message to all survivors and it starts at home?

How is terrorism expressed in the home? People use money and power to manipulate you? Honestly thinking, why in the hell would any rational thinking human being commit themselves for 20, 30, 40 years to working for another human being? Are those benefits worth it? Can they give you more than you can give yourself, no matter the condition you are in. Remember, by the rules of our society, we handed our personal problems over to institutions and acted as if our problem was solved. Put his ass in a nursing home and my responsibility is through. Then, the institution or nursing home treats them like shit, abuse, then we pass our problems to an attorney? Right there is another great source and act of terrorism. Do we really honor our code of ethics?

People are shocked back into reality, when you say attorney. Can attorneys save our world? Are they really trying or concerned?

At home, we have divided ourselves into two major groups, friend and foe? In that, is another door wide open for terrorism? We practice not knowing our neighbors? We are as confused as hell as to what a friend and foe really is? We would like to think our foes are way away and we are surrounded by our friends?

How did it get like that? If you just think about it, shit is not complicated? We create confusion and chaos in the hearts and minds of our own people, race, gender, education, religion, resources? We know not to take revenge, but we do…? So to whom do we inflict our revenge, is it on our own people?

What can change the hearts and minds of a people deeply involved in violent and vengeful activities? They, on an individual effort, must examine and correct their own beliefs?

How is that possible? Is it in a book, a school or institution? No, and all that will grow at an alarming rate, until we look within and take appropriate action? Only then, can the world or any world exist, as a whole, without terrorism? Why cannot we work in harmony with nature and not against ourselves?

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