Race In America 2008

Why not unload?


Divided we fail.

Enough is enough. We have had enough. It is over with. We are waking up and getting on the same sheet of music. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

We have made up our minds, move forward, with or without you.

No longer will we mimic your ways because we understand they are the work of the devil when it comes to African-Americans or Africans.

We have obeyed, begged, marched, struggled, beat down, tricked, educated, chastised, jailed, ostracized, alienated, murdered, lied to, enslaved and cut off and we are just sick and tired of watching a mighty few of us walk your tight rope.

You must know, It is time for A Change!

The change is not my change, you can't kill it with a gun, bullet or bomb, it is a Spiritual change and you should be happy for it.

If not, you will be sorry. Not my words but, SLAVERY IS A SERIOUS CRIME of the world and you can not keep playing stupid about it..you did know, you don't know, you didn't do it...nor do you care and even today you don't want to do anything about it. You do not want to be reminded of how low-down and dirty, as people, you really were and many of you still are. You have shown no remorse.

Where are the confessions, the healing, the reparations? Were we ever compensated and I am pretty sure if it is left up to you, We never will be and nor do we deserve it because we are just as stupid as you want us to be.

Why feel guilty, We didn't do it.

Talking of RACE in America...heck, Slavery is still alive and well in America. IF you do not know, just ask any African-American....not an Uncle Tom but...a true descendant of Slavery in America.

Truth be told, they would be the one to know.

Thank you for this moment.

See you tomorrow, at work.



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