more Taxes

We are being taxed to death. Hardly anything is manufactured in America any more and our jobs are all but gone never to return.

Whatever we try to do on our own is either too expensive, illegal, hasn't been approved, liable to be sued or taxed to death. But the same stuff we buy is just as dangerous and of a less quality. How are our suppliers able to manufacter junk to sell us? And the consumer does not know exactly who made it, what's it made of nor for what profits are being used? Do you trust every label you read? For all we know, we could be supporting programs to destroy us? Who's more concerned for our health and well-being than we are?

So when an American business person buys to sell he pays taxes, when he sells they pay taxes and at the end of the year, both pay more taxes. Where are the profits? Inflation, recession and depression is all we get.

When an American wants to open a business, first he has to get an education, qualify for ???credit???, open in an area designated for business or commercial use,,,when communities need and use the products and services, hello. We have so many do nots, how do we do? Why do we make things so hard for ourselves, when we have the knowledge and freedom to do otherwise? This makes competition between the two teams bitter.

Now, from where does all those goods and services come? Any where but America. So for whom are we working and who's making all those overseas purchases?

Taxation without representation?

(((your inner

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