Reading and Writing Do They Count

Illiteracy, does that really count?

Do they count for anything? How many years have we been talking about how important it is to learn to read and write? Mandatory education, GED and unlimited others methods to rid ourselves of what we call illiteracy?

Illiterate, I fit that category. Does illiteracy really count? Why do we want to get rid of it? Other, who we might refer to today as illiterates survived and strived. My dad only had a third grade education and he was one of the smartest men I knew, military and all.

Back to reading and writing, do they really count for anything? So important and we spend 12 years getting a degree; so what can you really do with it? Just what are we, who are so literate, doing with reading and writing today?

I have a college degree hanging on my wall that I paid for and still cannot get paid for my ability to read and write, does that make me an illiterate?

I am not illiterate, I am over qualified?



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