Walking On Water

What do you do when all else fail? After deep prayer and meditation, the answer has come.

We’ve come a long ways by faith but what happened?

Why am I entertaining this subject? All the extraordinary junk I have piled on my plate, it seems I am sinking and will not reach my perceived purpose.

This is not a first for me, but the first time I realized this is exactly what I have been doing. This is also the first time I expressed it in this manner. I am not in the system and everything I do is like walking on water. Right now, I feel I need a little something special, a quick fix, so I will share.

This is something you do when you need to accomplish what seems to be the impossible, something out of the ordinary, right now? There is no room for mistakes! Instead of getting a second job, angry, nervous breakdown, giving up, I feel I would be better served "walking on water". So how do I do that?

How do I apply this to my life right now? It is to know this is no easy feat. I can only take myself with me. So some sacrifice is required. Walking on water is something you do in faith. The harder you perceive your life, the more faith required. Step out on faith and walk on to what you need.

Most do not participate in this exercise because today, it seems so far-fetched and free. The believing factor has been removed and we take matters into our own hands. Though we know it is not nearly enough, we settle for less, as is proof today. This has become a part of our character and our lives are not nearly as full and spectacular as it should be. That is where our test of faith is today.

When you feel there is nothing more you can do, this is what you will do any way.

Walking on water is a merging of the heart, mind, body, and spirit, done through dependence on faith. Yield and rest in the Spirit. One by one, use all your senses to fully immerge yourself in the Spirit.

STAY There! As long as you believe and stay focused.

"We've Come This Far By Faith". You see, it is a lot easier than you thought.

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Walking In The Light


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