Real You

Your lack of

Are you a test or are you real, then why are you testing? Should I test you?

I can be the most honest person in the world, but it depends on who you are.

Think about that, you got to think about that.

I am honest, but I’m not, I’m trustworthy yet I not, I am understanding yet I'm not, forgiving yet I'm not, loving yet I'm not, but I am myself, yet I am not.

Who do you think I am, I am that I am. Why are we always put down, why are we always the lesser…?

Because of your lack of, you lack everything even down to the pigmentation of your skin. Your lack of honest and everything above.

Are you an avid reader or a required reader?

Character is who you are, reputation is who people think you are, to hell with reputation and on with character.

(((your inner


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