Why can I shown more than one man or woman affection at the same time? What about Same Sex Marriages?

You know homosexuality, prostitution... is nothing new, especially in the highest levels of our society. Why do you hide it? What do inmates do? Do they ever return to society? Why are YOU so ashamed of yourself? And which one of us is SICK?

Who defines to you, what affection is and how to display it? A person who hides their sexuality, is he or she a pervert? Why do you lay beside me and do nothing? Is it okay for men to groom men?

It's a sad thing to go out of this world dumber than when you came in. Does affection directly relate to attention? Mature human beings can figure shit out, instead of falling victim to it? Why do we have so many scandals? What about Chic-filet and a man named Cathy?

Delusional, do you have the nerve? Do you really understand what you are supposed be doing and how? Why is domestic violence and abuse so prevalent in our society? Why do our children demand affection? Why must adults have it? Why does affection cause you to act in such an unpredictable manner? How do you know them when they don't share?

One of the most influential, most power, most delusional words in 2012. Have you hugged your child today? Why was that statement, question, reminder so popular to a people today? Why would anyone give more affection an animal than they would to a human being?

They say animals respond to affection unlike human beings. A dog is a man’s best friend. Would it be better if we act like dogs? A dog will lie down and turn on his back for more affection.So, why do human beings try to hide it? Why do we deliberately try to show no affection to some by showing more affection to others? Just out of the blue, why would you take on a submissive role for a green man and a more aggressive role for a purple man? How can one man be born into royalty, while the other man determines who is royalty – yes sir, mam?

How is affection delusional? The more money and power you have the more affection shown. Why do we fail to groom each, yet refer to the person least likely to show emotion or groom, the groom? There is a such thing as “going to war” but there is no such thing as “going to affection”. The closest we get to that is going to church, which is delusional. Same sex is not supposed to so affection to same sex, yet, these people lead you!

How many people are supposed to get in the same bed, what about sex? Does sex cause you to be delusional? Then how does your wife cheat on you, when you make the rules? Why does the open display of affection stop at two?

Hence, the open display of affection has to be toned down because it may give the appearance… What is it about a kiss that drives you crazy? What is it about observing the act of two human beings engaged in in and out motions that drives you crazy, knowing it is a daily occurrence? Why don’t you even what to see yourself, yet you say, love yourself? So why is there the need, the strong urge to research what other animals do, why and how? What do you learn? What’s the difference between a bed and teepee?

What does beauty really look like, is it inside or out? Affection, one sibling will kill the other because of the appearance of… You say, you can be lonely in a crowd of thousands,,,I have got to have my privacy, what are you saying?

More Relationships, long lasting stable relationships means meeting your emotional needs. Affection is our only means of bonding, you can't live without it. Know thy self, teach me how to openly display my affection so I am not delusional.

(((your inner

Don't we all wear our left shoe on the right foot? Does anyone have two left or right feet?

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