Reasonoing using it or Logic?

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using Reasoning or logic, Is Christianity good

Using Ancient Technology, Is Christianity good? Are most Christians worth having around?

Using reasoning to prove how I met the Bible and Christianity. Not what somebody told me or was taught read or believe. That’s reasoning. I know nothing, no education, no society teachings and I will be the first to admit, I am not very smart? It is just you and me, and good old fashion reasoning. All we are going to talk about is what we know, not think but know, in order to prove to ourselves what we know about from where comes the Bible and Christian?

I think about sometimes and I reason this to myself: Did the American Indians have bibles? NO, they were more spiritual and did not practice CHRISTAINTY. Christianity was introduced the first time in America by the Pilgrims. So the Pilgrims brought the bible to America.

Shortly after arriving in America, the Pilgrims, who brought the Bible and Christianity, had a dispute with the American Indians. I know there was a dispute because today Native Americans and Christians still have very tender relationships.

That dispute led to a Pilgrim takeover in America. The Bible carrying Christian hearted Pilgrims came to power in America.

Next, the Bible carrying Christian hearted Pilgrims engaged in the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

During slavery, the slaves was introduced to the Bible by being denied. Now, why would a Christian hearted Bible carrying Christian engage in dispute with Native Americans, take over their land and now, get involved in the Transatlantic Slave Trade?

Why would a Christian hearted Bible carrying Christian deny anyone access to the Holy Bible, especially his slaves? Why, could not a better, educated, slave produce more, be more productive? Would you be shooting yourself in the foot? You get slaves, to do more for less, but you dumb them down….hellllo! Is that crazy or what? You get more by beating your slaves ass? That reasoning is the reasoning of a lunatic? Science. And on top of all that, you talk about how dumb your slaves are? Just what does that make you?

Further, why deny your slaves the right to learn to read and write?

Now, the religion of the slaves is not known, but we know it was certainly not Christianity or the Bible.

Why would any man allow another man to enslave him? You know Logic is Ancient Technology and was how two very powerful individuals kept from destroying themselves? How do you keep a person from destroying themselves? How do you keep a people from destroying themselves? How do you keep your family from destroying themselves? Logic is an ancient technology.

Now, the slaves through some kind of way got hold to the Bible and they have not put it down yet? As a matter of fact, descendants of the Transatlantic Slave Trade are now some of our most devout Christians and Scholars. So from where did these descendants learn about the Bible and Christianity? How?

Are most Christians Good? Do most Christians study and live by the Bible? Are most Christians good neighbors? How is your race relations? Who is the real Santa Claus? Why do Christians lie so much? Science Fiction.

Think for yourself! Save your own Ass.

Share this with a friend and save their ass. Share this with a People and…. If the Bible came by good hearted Christians with such a violent history, why would their slaves want to follow them? Why do you?

Using Ancient Technology, Is Christianity good? Are most Christians Good? Then, why read the Bible?

We already know what you know? The truth will set you free!

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