Mothers Day 2011

Art twisted heart tribute to mothers

Tough Love

To mothers of troubled children and to children of trouble mothers. Tough love is a reality!

This mother’s day I would like to reach out to those mothers and children where trouble seem to stand in the way. Sometimes we are not well known for our good deeds, such as bringing up children, showing hospitality, helping those in trouble and devoting ourselves to all kinds of good deeds.

A mother is one to be honored and to whom you hurry when you are troubled. A child is to be protected however, despite our best efforts and intentions sometimes; mother and child just cannot get along. The closer we get or the harder we try, the worse the situation. Even some situations result in domestic abuse, violence and loss of life. The best remedy is not to allow things to get this far.

So why are these things? Does that mean she loves you any less? Does it mean you love her any less?

This can start very early on, even while still in their mother's womb or a mother who, for whatever reasons, saw fit to give up her child. Stress, frustrations, drugs, alcohol, money, marriage, age, sex, personality, inner city or rural, even as all the years pass you may not love yourself and child like you should and it all piles on.

We sometimes do not know how to correct these situations, which is torture in itself. So do not allow anger and resentment to further poison your soul. Even though there is distance between, be comforted in knowing you are doing the best you can and never give up. These times are very difficult from which to recover and professional help should be sought.

Even though all of this may be the case, know somewhere deep down inside your child misses you. Love is there, but they do not know how to receive it. Child, know your mother misses you. Moms learn to listen to your children and children learn to listen to your parents.

Here's praying for a change and wishing you a warm and memorable HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

(((your inner

The mom I used to know.

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Mother's Day

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