Regular Old People

What good is a begging Deacon? Praying and/or Begging?

Why do you go to church? What is the reason for the church? Why concern yourself with going to church?

I had just moved and was looking for a church to attend. So, in this one church, I decided to make my home. Everyone was so Christian and friendly. The minister, he just looked like he was the head of it all -- fellowship and worship, worship and fellowship. The shepard and his sheep! These is the examples we are suppose to be.

It was when I started to work with the church that I was met with all the resistance and rejection. Being I was a female, I could not believe all of this was coming from my sisters. As I moved around, my sisters became increasingly more protective of something unknown to me!

I could not believe such good Christian hearted, especially sisters, within the walls of the church, could be so protective. I could not imagine Why, What? They welcomed me in, but as I started to work, “who’s who” became even more of an issue. I was determined to keep going.

After church, I went out for a bite to eat and guess who came in, it was my new Pastor. I spoke to him, he waved and nothing more. In the church, he reminds us to properly greet very one, make them feel welcome. He makes sure, he gets around to greet all his members, especially his new members. That’s what attracted me to this church.

Out of church, it was like he wasn’t the same person. He did not recognize me as one of his sheep. He did not make me feel welcome? Now, I feel as if the whole church thing is a scam. They can be good Christians inside the church, but when they come out, they revert back to being “regular old people”.

You are telling me to be good and loving everywhere I go. You tell me about the mistakes I am making. You were the first to say you do tolerate them/sinning. Love your neighbor, takes time and action. Confess, repent, forgive and try not to do it again. What good was the change? Why all the resistance? Does your title make you any different? Are you preaching one thing and living another. Does God see you? Does He know you by name and title? What is the reason for the change?

What does SBI do for regular people?

your inner,,,trying not to be "regular people". What's wrong with a good productive citizen?

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