Reinforcing the foundation

Up from the grave He arose!

Why does it take NIGGERS so long to do any damn thing, worth-a-shit?

We can go out all day and work for them damned crackers, but when it comes to us... All the time knowing the whole damn thing is designed against us. Are we justified and by who?

What fucking foundation??? Recognizing what is keeping us down. The system that didn’t and still does not work?

Good people provide little resistance. Why are we always saying yes, when they are always saying NO? Why do we never tell them NO?

You’re always telling me this cannot happen overnight, but bad people do things overnight, while good people provide little resistance, therefore the balance of good and evil is the way it is. That’s why our systems are so corrupt.

Why cannot we get our tax dollars back? Where do they go since we cannot get them back? Why do we keep giving our enemy a stick to beat us down?

As we grow our children, we speak on the spot corrections, but when it comes to these crackers we abstain. We abstain because we know we have too much to lose. But what do we gain from systems not working and never worked?

The basic principles that made us a people of survival, a strong people. Those are the things we strayed from. We took on the values system of our enemy instead of the value system of our own. The ability to take nothing and make something out of it.

How can you reinforce the foundation when you are afraid to reinforce the damn thing? How can you be yourself when you are afraid to be yourself? Is this problem just unique to Black America?

Good people must stand now, in order to reinforce the foundation in a timely manner. A dream deferred...Shit!!! do something...Challenge me!!!!

My mom always told me..."It doesn't take all night to do a damn thing".

(((your inner

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