Crime Rate in Black America

You know Black People, God DAmn it! If someone pointed out something needing and easily changed, would you

So, why do you pray?

How can you fix a problem when you can't recognize the problem? Does being in denial help? How can I be a life coach, yet say nothing to improve, change, manifest into being what should be,,,,without telling the truth?

I used to think I was worth-a-shit until I read this:::

WTF is wrong in Black America and why the hell can't we fix it? Who's perpetrating, them or us? Does two wrongs make a right?

Know how good you say you are? Do you realize how hard to work to get nowhere? You know it by the harder you work, the worse it gets. Where are the competent Black People? Where is Competent Black America? Where is competent America? How can you be competent, yet not have a competent land or people? Oh, say can u see?

Where are our students in term of education, finances... Where are our standards, values...??? Don't you get tired of that shit? Behind me was a guy with the most obnoxious boom box in his car? I mean it was SO DAMN LOUD, I could see his ears vibrating and all it was, was bass, bass and more fucking bass. Now, he knew he was aggravating all other drivers, but do you think he gave-a-shit?

I was just watching for the shit to blowup... CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS...what are we doing? Is it sad, pathetic, true? ARe we gon ever go anywhere that makes commonsense? What do others think when they see us? Do they see you or you and me?

Do you know how to tell your children to calm it down a little bit? Why invest in tire-n-wheels, sound systems,,,what kind or ROI can we expect? What about our women and Children, homes, communities..;.???

Are you guilty? Is it good, is it better than the rest, is it the best we can do, should we take desperate measures to lower it? What happens when you have bad ass kids, bad ass communities, does it mean a “bad ass people”? To what group of people does all this bad ass shit belong?

Why do we invest in his stock market, communities, neighborhoods, businesses….? Ever thought about investing in your own? A bit scary isn’t it,,,why?

Do we have any competent Mother Fuckers around here?

Have you ever taken your brand new Auto to an African-American mechanic-? God Damn! You think about business sense, does he have any? You know he has the skills, but why won’t he act like it?

You say, instead of complaining why don’t I say Thank you? How, why can you, would you thank somebody for fucking you up? Do you know why the crime rate is so high in America, especially in the Black Community? Crime is at an all time high in Black America?

Now, ask your damn self,,,, if we got crime so high, why couldn’t we just reverse that? Does our enemy have control of that too? Think about shit, instead of it being an alarming crime rate, we could enjoy an alarming “Good Deed” work and rate.

Why do we spend so much time and energy fucking up shit, when we would benefit much more by doing good deeds? Is the melon not right, is it too damn hard, does it not make fucking sense? I am tired of this, don’t you get sick-n-tired of coming in dead last and on top of all that, you fool yourself.

What about stress levels, the root to high blood, diabetes…?

Shouldn’t we have the most secure and the safest communities? What exactly is that saying about our behavior and then we lie to ourselves and take our dumb asses over to our enemies and promote him above us? Then we think we are so intelligent? How intelligent is that?

The man for which you work will not give you a damn thing? As a matter of fact, he just makes it harder for all of us.

Am I writing so you will believe this or am I writing to say I recognize what the real problem is and together we can resolve it, quick fast and in a hurry? Which benefits us the most? First, admit, surrender, relate, then relax.

Oh Ye of little faith, how can you be good in the wake of what's going on? First you must be safe and secure to yourself.

(((your inner

Oh, weak ass spirit?C

Living in a safe secure community Resonating with Nature Do Human Rights resonate with Nature?

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