Rejection always hurts

I can imagine having all kinds of mixed feelings? Rejection always hurts but what if............

Let me just say one thing then I will shut up.........

I came from a divorced home. My mom bad mouthed my dad all the time. He struggled with paying 'child support' and supporting his new family. My stepmother bad mouthed us. We were a little distant for awhile. He almost gave up because he didn't want to 'bother' us. I am the one that reached out to him. Our love was able to bridge an angry ex, a nagging wife, and jealous siblings.

Boys were very loyal and protective of mom. Girls love/need their dad. In a divorce, children always wonder what they did wrong to cause their dad to not be with them. They don't realize it isn't about them. Unfortunately, what happens in your childhood stays with you. No money was tantamount to no love and with their mom exacerbating the issue.

My dad is my best friend. I say 'is' because he is in my heart and head. I hear his voice. I see his face. I feel his love. He is still very much alive to me. Why wouldn't you want your daughter to have the opportunity to be able to feel that way about you?

We became even closer after I reached adulthood and could decide his worth for myself.

You are a good man with lots of love in your heart. How will she ever know if you don't reach out? If she says no, it is no closer than you are right now.

Rejection always hurts but what if.......... What if she wants to talk?? 50/50 chance .......... If you don't at least try, you will regret it for the rest of your life. And consider this.....she may very well be the liaison to your sons and other family problems. ---------------------------------------

This little piece was shared by a dear friend. My greatest fear is a reoccurence of the last time, which was like opening an old wound. As I embraced my greatest fear, it caused more trouble than good. Even though I know together we could conquer all, my children are scared to death. I fear my children now, do not want me in their lives and therefore; it would be even worse the next time I contacted them. Do not you think they knew I was reaching out to them? Reckon they did not understood that? Never a note or anything, but against all odds, I reached out. Don't you think they are old enough and could take a little initative? Because of me, I don't ever again want that feeling about or for my children. ---Art

Jessica Thomas


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