Don’t you want one with me? My children say, "no".

Relationship don’t you want one? Do babies come out of the cabbage patch? Some of the things we're told to keep from telling the truth?

My children feel as if I have betrayed them, so they're betraying me. What sense does that make? How can we ever become a family? How can we ever overcome obstacles? So you will be betrayed? Don’t you want to have a relationship? With whom should I not be open to relationship? Living a life of betrayal?

Don’t you want it wherever you go, with everyone with whom you come into contact?

Why do we tell ourselves and act otherwise? Why do we act like we want a relationship with some and not with others? Who planted the seed of hate within? Why would you hate someone just because of what someone else said? Is that why there is fewer and fewer dependable people?

Is it because of what they did or how we responded to them? Does money replace character? Why do you deny yourself? Is that because you know what you did? How do you deal with a people who has stolen your land and killed your people – enemies in your own mind? Mind sets of the flesh, then what standard must I meet? Is it for all mankind? Have you always been divided against yourself?

Once you open the door to evil, then evil shall enter. Until we change, we will not be able to deal with our people. We will not be able to distinguish good from evil or evil from good. We will not know because we are deceiving to ourselves. How can you have a clean spirit with a dirty heart? How can you be useful and useless at the same time? How can you be obedient and disobedient at the same time? How can you demand how another family live, without them wanting to live like you? It doesn’t matter your religion. The people who welcomed you, you betrayed and so, you will be betrayed.

The problem is: You cannot live and let live? Our country cannot stand. You cannot be persuaded by evil. We must accept all people for who and what they are. How can a house divided, stand?

As we mature, we learn that babies do not come out of a cabbage patches. Then we conduct ourselves accordingly. When we learn better, we do better. You will never grow without discerning truth from fiction. We must lead and live by example. Then and only then may others see the benefits of our labor and choose to change their ways. That is how I can do what I do. Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement.


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