Release, Relate & Relax

How is this working for you?

All I ever here from the people I’m closest to is “How tired they are”, even from our teenagers. What’s going on with that, is it just a figure of speech? Are we really that damn tired, how could we have ever been a slave?

Let’s analyze some things: What percentage of the workforce is Black people? Are we paid our worth? Compared to yesterday, are we working harder? Then, why in the hell do you even go to work?

Am I working to my full potential, based on the things I seek in life? How do I utilize my idle time?

Am I really watching what’s going on? Are jobs getting more plentiful or is the job market shrinking, why?

How do business people create jobs? Do we have what that takes in our communities? Are we firm, fair and consistent with each other?

How can an immigrant worker, can’t speak English, read or write, no job application or resume, no education, different religious beliefs… come in and take work that I so desperately need? Economically speaking, where does this leave me?

Back to the tired thing, Release, Relate & Relax, am I able to do these things? While you were working for the man, does getting off work coming home and sitting on your ass get your work done. Do we even know what’s our work anymore?

These kind of factors are very stressful and contributes to our state of being tired. Are we tired of the wrong thing? Shouldn’t we be better served by being tired of allowing great opportunities escape us because we’re breaking our necks to appease or cater to the man?

What other people spends the better part of their lives working for and pushing their enemy above them? How can you glorify in that? Do you ever think about the fact that as long as Black People has been in America, we can’t even cash a check, not even our own paychecks.

Do these other people work for their enemy or do they work with our enemies? Why do they work with our enemies, when they know our plight? Are you being real with yourself? Until you are real with yourself, it will be even a great challenge for you to be real with anyone else?

If we the people were able to rest, relate and relax together, then who would do the work of our enemy? How do you rest, relate and relax when you’re spending every waking moment fighting just to be treated fair, not equal?

Where does our planning, quality time… take place? How can it when you always made to feel you are never quite good enough, to stand on the same step as your enemy? With your enemy sitting the standard, will you ever be, would he or should he allow you? If they don’t allow anyone else, what makes you think they are going to allow you? Is Barack Obama equal? Everybody else can come in here and get a job on a handshake, except YOU?

How can you do these things when your enemy dictates your every waking moment? You excuse, no matter how hard it gets is::: I have to go to work? It will kill me if I’m not working.This rest, relate, relax is the result of your work being done, but if we do not have work… What happens if all of us tell our enemy we refuse to work at his jobs? We refuse to dance to his beat, just as he refuses to dance to ours? How does it start at home with you’re spending more time away from home, than you do in your home? Isn’t home important to everyone or is money more important?

Increasingly, we never have time and we neglect our own work to do the work of our enemies and we have learn that is fruitless. Even though we know, we keep on doing it, yet expecting a different result. They have us so programmed, we feel and are made to feel so guilty or inadequate for not working for our enemy. The tighter things get, we fall dead in our own tracks trying to help our enemy overcome, while neglecting our own efforts to overcome. Then our enemy uses our submissive type behavior to his own advantage. These are the choice you make.

Release, Relate & Relax

(((your inner

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