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Well, it is exactly one week later and you finally picked up my garbage. But that still does nothing for the intergrity of your companies. Talking about building a better America. Though I did not miss paying you, you missed picking up my garbage.

Republic Services is a leading provider of solid waste collection, transfer, recycling and disposal services. 34,000 people dedicated to the delivery of excellent customer services.

Sinclair Disposal Service in Milledgeville, Garbage & Rubbish Removal, Georgia with telephone, cell phone, fax and address for Sinclair Disposal Service.

Southland Waste Systems an environmental partner you can count on. From small containers to large compactors and construction waste removal, we have the equipment, experience and knowledgeable team to execute… friendly and reliable waste pickup service.

That is how many people that did not pick-up my garbage this week.

Now, I am not normally one to complain and I have been in the same location since 1965. I admire my garbage man. However, this week, 26 February 2010 has indicated that something has gone terribly wrong. Further, I am not above taking out my own garbage.

My garbage is normally scheduled for pickup on Wednesdays, for which I put my garbage out on Tuesday nights. Today is Friday and still no curb-side garbage service. Wednesday, my first phone call, an automated answering system, where I had to decide if I was calling about business garbage or residential garbage? Why and what difference does it make? My question is, why did you get everybody else’s garbage and left mine? Then, I was put on hold for a ridiculous amount of time and given an excuse about the normal driver and asked to call them back, if my trash was not picked up. Thursday, I was put on hold for a ridiculous amount of time and was just plain ole lied to by administrative personnel. Friday, I was put on hold for a ridiculous amount of time and told that the driver has a ticket and will pickup within the hour, which remains to be seen, while I will not be home to retrieve my garbage container. All of which, has brought to my attention the quality of your service?

Here is the concern, we pay good money for curb side garbage service. Further, I understand my garbage and water bill is lumped together, therefore, if I fail to pay my garbage bill, my life-giving water will be cut-off, catch-22. That is unfair, unethical and inhumane, especially with the quality of service being like it is.

Pay for performance, there is no way to deduct the cost of poor or no garbage service. Last, it is very aggravating and time consuming to have to pay for a service and then beg for the same service. My hold schedule has been thrown off.

Consequences, rewards and incentives for quality of services rendered, what and where are yours? If I am late or miss paying my water bill, which includes my curb-side garbage service, no matter the severity of my excuse, my water will be turned off. You are getting a free ride for piss poor performance.

Good organizations recognize their problems and weaknesses and correct them, make up for them, not cover them up.

Solving obvious problems others seem to ignore. See SBI-TV Art@your inner

1mar2010,,, another lie about ticket. wonder if this is the tv show where the boss went undercover?

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