Resonating With You???

Resonate, what does that mean? With whom does my message resonate? Does your message resonate with me? Why?

We are all happy people moving through life. Or are we all a part of unhappy groups looking for more depressing news? We cry about health care, but we say nothing about the fluctuating and ever increasing costs of gasoline. Now, that is something we could stabilize, if we were willing to put forth the effort.

Resonate, what does my message produce and to whom does it relate "harmoniously"? Does my message exhibit or produce resonance or resonant effects? Does it evoke a feeling of shared emotions? Can you relate?

An algorithm is a sequence of steps or events for solving a problem. My algorithm, listen to yourself and be prepared, does it solve any problems? Do you think the people in power want us to be prepared? Are we above any disaster, be natural or man-made? As a casualty, in which hospital do you report in case of a disaster? Food kitchen, where is it? Tents? Do we practice? What's going to happen to you? Will they refuse treatment because you didn’t pay your last bill? Are you depending upon some to come by, pick you up, deliver what you need and serve breakfast in bed? What priority is your community? Prevent, prepare for, and cope with emergencies while all we do is wait or is that "work backwards"?

Is resonating even important and if so, to whom? Is my message like music? I hear people talking everyday about what music they dislike or hate. Could there be any worse music than “noise pollution”? I bet you pay no attention to noise pollution. It’s a constant aggravation, then one day; it is overcome by events and you hear it no more. Will noise pollution cause you to be more prone to accidents or danger? Information overload, noise pollution has resonated with us?

I guess if you make any noise long enough, it will finally resonate with the people in hearing distance and they will pay it no attention, until it’s too late.

You might say, my message does not resonate with you. My question would be, why not?

Does any of what’s actually happening to us today resonate with us? Are we working on life-skills and practicing or is that too costly? Telling it like it is? What good is having our senses, if we do not heed them or if what’s going on around us does not resonate with us? Are we ignoring the warning signs,,,the obvious? Or have they resonated with us? Doomed, if we do nothing about it.

(((your inner

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