Telling it like it is

This message is Time sensitive!!!

Looking out for each other! What's wrong with your inner voice?

As we were so diligently working, did you see this little economic crisis coming? I mean with all the advance technology, did you have any idea? Why not? Do you think it's gone never return? Can it get much worse? Would you like for it to?

Why don't people tell it like it is anymore? Is it due to jobs, religions, politics, fears, no time? Is it too late? Why don't we say or do somthing before it is? Are we use to living normal lives or are we living well above our means - in an arrogant dream land somewhere?

Are we not getting better, making progress, prospering? Poor Management? Could that be part of the problem?

You seem like a pretty smart person, honest and all, can you see what really going on? How long can we keep bullshitting ourselves? Whether you hear from this website or you learn it on your own. "This shit is coming to an end very soon."

Do you not know what happens when jobs go away? Is it a pretty sight? Do they give you ample warning or do they just shut the doors in your face and go away? Now, you can play with words or you can get serious.

Ask a vet, when soldier is finished serving his country does anybody care? Telling it like it is, why don't people do that any more? Why don't mass media tell it?

Is it preaching doom and gloom? No, it is far from it, if we heed the message in time? I mean we have all the early warning devices and systems, but none work or we don't pay them any attention. We are always "after the fact",,, too late. Paul Revere's midnight ride seems to be the last timely early warning, the evening of April 18, 1775. A sentry asked that he not make so much noise. "Noise!" cried Revere, "You'll have noise enough before long. Now, we have computers and what do we do? What about practicing a virtual disaster?

Well, it just ain't profitable. Then, are we fooling ourselves? Are profits taking us where we want to go or are we getting further and further away from truths? Does this message resonate with you?

Do you know the definition of a coward? Now, try hypocrit.

If you saw a train coming and there were children on the tracks, would you say or do anything? Would you wait for further instructions?

Have we become so numb to reality, that we are hesitant to act in a timely manner. Numb, as to deprive of the power of sensation or motion; to render senseless or inert; to deaden. I guess it boils down to: How compassionate are we?

Do you see this "economic tsunami headed directly for us"? Disaster strikes when and where you least expect. Why do you think they say, "Expect the unexpected"? Why not prepare? Again, does this message resonate with you?

What's wrong with (((your inner voice)))

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