Rich White People Rich Black People Living?

There is great importance in going all the way?

How rich white people live: Are rich white people wiser with their money than blacks, this is a topic that was posted on Afield Negro message board. To see the pictures of how some rich white billionaires live, click on the link below.

Express yourself! ---A Field

Interesting point. Black Americans are a unique breed. We are also special people for obvious reasons. One side we are "so hard on each other" we smoother the life out of each other and anything we want to do and on the other side, we are so fearful and docile it is ridiculous.

Black Americans live in a land most of which is in the heart of the African-American slave trade. This country is the only country who knows and can treat Black Americans like slaves. Black Americans, by default, have claimed this land. We know of no better place to call home.

Black Americans are unique in that we have a strong desire, but not really to work with our oppressor, and it seems the more he oppresses, the more docile to him we become, even to the point of fighting his battles and rubbing his wounds.

Black Americans have claimed him and his Religion no matter how brutal he and his religion is to us. Why not claim a Native American religion? We see our oppressor and his ways as the only way out. We have even learned to use his religion to oppress ourselves. Do not talk down his religion. What about family values? That is why we do not apply them.

Therefore, Black Americans are doing all this crazy stuff to ourselves and others, pitting ourselves "against each other" to get the attention of our oppressor, from the top down and the bottom up. The Danger of a Step in the Right Direction!

Of all the places and times in the world to live the American/world dream, where could be any easier than in America? Then what is holding us back?

The good news is we are slowly changing whether we want to or not.

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