The Righteous

A garden

Shall not boast! The righteous just keep moving forward, while the self-righteous are being morally superior to everyone else.

I am checking myself here? I just want to be good, no ands, ifs, buts about it. I want to do my very best at whatever it is I do and am suppose to do. That's a full time job. What does part-time job mean?

I make mistakes just like anyone else, but I am not too proud to admit it, minus the lie? Some might say, almost to a fault. Is that stupid or what? It is just my opinion. Does the rest of the world have opportunities like me? Not according to what I am experiencing-- India, Korea, Mexico, Iraq, Africa, Osama or is that Obama.... Does that make me act or think I am superior to them? No, because of my experience, I just want to help. I strongly feel, bar all my faults, I can offer my help!

People who think they have something good to share, love sharing it before they expire!

Now, I kind of thought this little incident either is or borders on being self-righteousness?

Enjoy and have a great day, because it is one of those good old rainy nights in Georgia, here. Tornado like conditions. We are currently under Tornado Watch. Which direction should I be watching? Here in central Georgia, we just might get a mandatory Earth Hour.

Oh yeah, how's the weather in your neck of the woods?

A righteous man.

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