People Around You Don’t Want Nothing

The Great Betrayal!


That is why there is a such thing as MOVING! MOTIVATING, INSPIRING or as I say, Inspiration, Spirituality and Income.

Okay, you say I am wrong but keep reading. Not only don’t the people around want anything worthwhile, they are very destructive. Well, if you live in a very destructive society how can you do otherwise? We are not going to work together on anything that works well for All!

How do you know people do not want anything? Today, there would be no need for Rebuild the American Dream to create an economy that works for ALL, if Americans had wanted anything worthwhile in the beginning. Even if someone said, But we need your help, we would betray them, just as we have done historically.

So now there is Rebuild the American Dream. Rebuild the American Dream says that Americans are being lied to and point out three lies in the video I saw. Lie 1 -- America is Broke? You are not broke and you are not alone. I agree because money has nothing to do with our spirit, but that is how far we are from the truth. Lie 2--Over taxation, when Americans do well they should pay taxes accordingly, likewise when Americans do poorly they should pay less taxes. Lie 3—People trashing the American Government? Only our government can trash itself, just like our economy is today. Who keeps lying to the American people? The crisis we are going through right now came about through people running our government and other people failing to properly address those lies.

Calling on Americans to submit ideas, why would you need to call on them? Today, Americans are in the survival mode more than ever. We are so reserved and cautious; we cannot open up to our fellow man. Who are “The Friendly People of America”? They had a wonderful lifestyle. Then, there were the Africans with the same kind of spirit and look what happened to them. It all has to be blamed on the Europeans, whose initial intentions were greed.

There is no time for submitting ideas and sitting back waiting for a rabbit to be pulled out of a hat. We already know! Americans are tired of being betrayed! And this sounds like more political bullshit which is what crippled our economy. As critical as things are today, all Americans can do is take corrective action to survive all the corruption which led us to this point. Out of those taking corrective action, choose the best example and share it.

If you want anything done, you have to do it yourself. Give the people a choice and respect.

(((your inner

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