The land of Uz

Are you still holding on to your integrity?

What are we really after in the land of UZ? Can it be to destroy you? To test your faith?

Not the land of Oz, but the land of Uz - their ways are hidden, there's no peace, no quiet, only turmoil. They want the people in the land of Uz to believe their wisdom is profound and does not want "uz" to dispute with him. They reap what they sow.

Are we just Going to and fro, and walking up and down - getting no where?

The thing is some people do not know how to help you because they do not know how to help themselves. Really, we know, but due to all the outside INFLUENCE AND PRESSURE, we are afraid to act upon our own better judgement. In that way we cause ourselves to become helpless and dependent upon evil forces meaning us NO GOOD. Success has been driven from us. I've become a burden to them and why am I their target? Why don't you pardon my offenses and forgive my sins?

We’re educated/taught and tricked that way. That's how we have been taught and it shows how vulnerable we are, how determined and explains why we are such a misguided people. Distrust is so prevalent, even though we know otherwise and that is exactly where and the way your enemy wants you – confused so much so until you see your enemy as the only way out. Corruption, terrified with hopeless dreams and visions!

How many gurus, personal coaches, institutions of higher learning are there who wants you to get coaching/education from them? My goal is to awaken your stupid ass to the good of the whole. That is the one and only way we all can survive. There is absolutely no other alternative and TODAY, THIS IS A MATTER OF GREAT URGENCY.

You know the ones that charge you all your savings and loans, then promise to show you/teach you “their path” to success? You put up your hard earned money up front, you even go in the hole to come out of the hole, thinking you are investing in yourself by gaining access to “their inner circle and secrets” to help you develop the same system of duplication.

A good friend told me: “Be careful who you invite to your table”. Not everyone is there to help if you aren’t careful, as a matter of fact, some will be there to destroy you and that is exactly what’s happening. And it has gone unchecked for so long, we’re acclimated, conditioned to accept bad for good. We're strengthening the hand of the wicked our enemies.

Why do these so called gurus hide the "secrets" they have and guard them so closely? Is it a scam or what? Do they want to teach you or just get your money and cause you to do the same? Now, here you are trying to duplicate the same scam, in so doing we will perish.

Discovered a better way through Success: You gain more, you prosper and we all prosper when you are willing to help others up front. Your only expectation is to be helped in return. What’s wrong with that? Is it too slow? Does it not net what you want?

If you are experiencing slow growth? Is it because of who you have invited or failed to your table? People grow faster when they understand faster. It's not about hiding something for only those "special" people. It is about helping those, who for whatever reasons, have lost their way and who want to learn. The path to success is simple: I help you get what you want, you help me. The faster we learn to do that, the faster we both succeed.

Have you considered being FAITHFUL? See what you don’t know is, to what extent wealthy people go to, to help each other. They are faithful to their cause, so much so, they’ll use you to get it. You don’t know to what extent they go to figure shit out. If you did, then you would do the same for yourself. Then why would you need an institution of higher learning? What education can beat the education you get at home? Why isn’t home learning any longer good enough for our sophisticated, intellectual asses? Do you see how they have you thinking?

Hear it and apply it to yourself! Reconsider! I will not keep silent. I will speak out in the anguish of my spirit and I will complain in the bitterness of my soul. .9999 pure and upright to be restored to my rightful place. Humble are my beginnings, so prosperous will my future be. Ask former generations and find what their father's learned. We were born only yesterday and know nothing. Will they not instruct you and tell you? Will they not bring forth words from their UNDERSTANDING? And the wicked will be no more.

Naked you came and naked you return. If you are one of those who is ready to apply the information you read, then include me

Call me, reply to me right now.

(((your inner

My game plan - .9999

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