Ruthless Business People

Some people learn to be a successful business person is to be ruthless--cut throats. My way or the highway.

Not in my experience and that is a wrongheaded notion!

When you screw customers and colleagues, it cost you. People have memories. Especially gullible people. You can sometimes make money (even a lot of money) by duping, deceiving, and cheating people, but there’s a price to be paid.

In their own quiet but powerful way, people do whatever they can to correct evil deeds. It may be as little as ignoring your next sales effort to as much as reporting you to the authorities - or even blowing your head off.

Same is true with employees. You can exploit them for a while, but, over time, they will get even with you.

The same is true in personal relationships.

A wise businessperson acts benevolently, because they understand trust and loyalty developed by being good and fair paves the golden path of opportunity for years to come. With each decade, every dollar earned makes it easier because of goodwill, trust, and useful relationships created along the way.

Be good and fair, and most people you deal with will make your life easier, more productive, and more profitable. Most - but not all.

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