Why do good men start bad businesses? What would you do if you caught someone, anybody cheating on you. What do we do with people who steal?

How sexy is their dress? Your zipper is down? Your legs are open? Welcome to the sex club! Immoral sexual activities exposed or is it, how bad is your home life?

It’s one thing to cheat, it’s another to get caught. What good is cheating when you already know the results are painful and devastating? The thrill is not like that of climbing a mountain, it is more like Russian roulette. How wise can you be? Mental institutions are filled with folks with high IQs.

To whom are sex scandals most likely to happen? To anybody, but most noted are Celebrities, Politicians, Big Business People or others in the public eye? No excuse. They are the people with greatest responsibilities and that is where the standard is set or compromised. They tell us, if we have a problem, talk about it first. An ounce of prevention…

What gender is most likely to be blamed – men??? Why do we forget that it takes two to cheat? Do you think wives are not able to reach their Erroneous Zones? Is extra training in order?

What’s worse than a sex scandal? An attempt at covering it up, or other illegalities.

The most trusted men in America continue to fall victim to infidelity, while we turn a blind eye. What does that say to our core values? Is it something new? So why does this big blunder keep repeating itself? Why do good men start bad businesses? Remember, there is no cure, but there is healing.

Cheating, infidelity, sex scandals are death sentences, exposed or not. A piece of somebody will die every time. The victims are not only the perpetrators, but innocent love ones, including children and good causes. We have got a lot of good people walking around wounded and dead.

Gays have just about got this thing licked – legalize it.

More ideas to help the healing process.

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