how does a star look?


The STARs are out today.

Have you ever seen a star? What color? How bright? Was any of them any shiner than the other? Was it Amish or Mennonite? The S.T.A.R. Program

Ever been in a STAR program? Exactly, what does that mean? I've heard of a lot of programs, but exactly what is a S.T.A.R Program? Where is Charlie when you need him?

Once I took a couurse, it was offored by the student, transistion and recovery program and was one of the last steps on the school's disciplinary ladder before a student might be suspended. The program was offered by a man, a company and staff, with a good heart, they said what they meant and they meant what they said. It was also a good challenge for the boys and girls. For one it might have been relief, revenge, added precaution, deterent and/or punishment, but for the other it was a first chance.

Yes, it was way back in the sticks of Georgia, 9 miles outside of Waycross, where living is still pretty good, hunter, fisher, gatherer, loggin, but every once and a while, they would send another student to the S.T.A.R. Program.

Well, I wasn't academically inclined, but I am doing everything I can to recover. If you do something, be man or woman enough to own up to it. If it doesn't make sense to you, why would it make sense to anyone else? Why aggrevate others? They didn't do a damn thing? Think about that?

Why do it? Why kill any body, when All, What we all want to do, is survive. Is it a contradiction in terms? What is the meaning of syn-o-nym?

Who cares about the left or the right, as long as we in the middle survive? Todd and Sarah in Alaska, do you reckon that is really how most Alaskans live? I guess I must have landed at the South Pole?

Enter a STAR program. The STAR program. Any program that will make you a STAR.

How are stars born? Do they just come out at night? Can anybody be a STAR? How many stars have you made? Is there some hidden secret about being a star? Do they ever go out?

The happiest people in America, where they live? You know, I have made up my mind, I am going to be one of them, I do not care where nor why.

(((your inner

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