STD Awareness Month (April)

why not fish?

What's best for you?

You shall also love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.

For the pure at heart, sex is a great spiritual experience to share and grow with your partner.

What is the best sex you ever had? What is the best way to satisfy your man or your woman? Viagra, Cialis....birth control, protected sex, broke-back mountain, lesbians, gays, prostitutes and last but not least, virgins???

So, exactly how did the image of a Bunny become associated with Easter? Is it the same as with Playboy?

We want to know all these answers and more, but we do not want to openly and honestly talk about them -- more lies!

Clearly we are uncomfortable, for the most part, talking about STDS and sex? Why would we allow schools to sexually educate our children? Sex is such a personal thing and so different, but yet the same for every human being? There seems to be a stigma attached to it and especially to STDs.

Based on feedback we are focusing this (((your inner voice))) event on let's "TALK ABOUT SEX" to do our part during STD Awareness Month (April).

My sexual awareness started around little boys talking about their evening before. Best summed-up by asking, why do little boys tell so many lies. I think that is how all this "crazy sexual rediculous fantasy stuff" gets started -sexual fetishes. Lying is how we entice other boys to abuse women or women to abuse men. Who did you see my man with?

Domestic voilence, most of which, is all about sex or money?

These lies are coming from middle school and high school age youth, who have not a they tell "big lies". The crazy thing about that all is there is always one who believes and anxious to give it a try? Why?

As adults, we bring all the silly foolishness of childhood into our adult life. Now you have adults running around buying and wearing all this "sexy shit"? Whatever happened to the natural processes. Well, I would be more open if you were more open, what kind of stuff is that? Is that like saying, I would go to hell if you would go?

How do I know all this??? Even as an adult, sex is only so good. (2) Why would I allow something so "natural" to become "un-natural"? Why would I allow all the sex drama to consume my life?

Every animal can have "great sex" without sex education, but man has to have sex education and fetishes! If you cannot teach your partner what you like or your partner is not willing to learn, then something is wrong!

Now, here comes STD's!

(((your inner


Sex and NO

Sex Initiation

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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