Amnesty, universal voter registration, felons voting, operatives planted....silent unity

March 2010 – STEALING THE NEXT ELECTION: Amnesty, universal voter registration, felons voting, operatives planted: Team Obama's strategy for maintaining permanent power

Confusion and chaos makes for a scared people, vulnerable to all kinds of fear tactics. Is the government the only trustworthy body? Should the government listen to the people, how? Which people? How and why are we, the people, so screwed-up now? Who can you trust? Can our government save us or is it the other way around? Sounds like two people can bring the world to an end. If the other side gets their way, would it be any better for the people? Why all the talk and no actions, not violent actions, but actions to help off-set what these very observant people see that needs to be done? Is it that they are all that concerned about people or just for themselves?

It is a terrible sin to mislead such a large group of people? Why not encourage you to make decisions based upon your own concerns? Why is it a them against us? What will they steal, that the others haven’t already taken? The next election, is this what it will take? How for will we go to destroy another person, to take another life? Words? Hearsay?

It is a pretty serious crime to mislead a large group of people? The idea is to create so much confusion and chaos that no one knows the truth. Just the way we are use to being treated. The rich has it all and the poor knows nothing? Poor folk do not have the ability to think nor act for themselves. We are too busy putting out all the fires started by selfish rich folks to pad their own pockets- stocks, bonds, loans, credit reports and politics. Which people has proven themselves< “THE MOST UNWORTHY FOR ANYTHING GOOD TO MANKIND”, poor people or rich people? What kind of economic shape are poor people in today, Why? Who’s voice is least likely to be heard, why? To and for whom are our troops at war, why? Character, who’s character is least likely to be flawed, why?

Poor folk have been led to believe that there is only so much they can do, because it all depends on MONEY! What could be further from the truth? If poor people had enough sense to band together and start trading, who could stop us? Does that make any sense or do we need prior approval, why? Think about that one!

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Here is what the story said: With tens of millions of Americas furious at Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi for unconstitutionally forcing socialized medicine down their throats, and with congressional Democrats in danger of massive electoral losses this November, one giant question looms large for Team Obama: How to stay in power despite plummeting voter support?

The answer to that question can be found in the groundbreaking March issue of Whistleblower magazine, titled "STEALING THE NEXT ELECTION."

This game-changing special report is summarized in its long subtitle: "Amnesty, universal voter registration, felons voting, operatives planted: Team Obama's strategy for maintaining permanent power."

- no matter how unethical, corrupt and flat-out illegal – it is morally justified if it advances their agenda. Winning votes and elections by any means possible is their stock in trade.

"STEALING THE NEXT ELECTION" surveys the various stratagems the far left is currently developing to consolidate power in the U.S. long-term.

Hearsay, Where is the room for independent thinking, why? Silent unity.

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