Sarah Palin now Herman Cain


Magic trick, A rabbit out of the hat?

Is Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, 2012; the Republican presidential candidate, Sarah Palin of 2008?

Why is Cain so determined to cut President Obama short, cashing in on Obama?

Is history repeating itself? Is Herman Cain, just another Republican "rabbit out of the hat" trick? It is what it ain't. How long will it take for Mr. Cain to understand that? How much more money, time and resources will he spend defending himself, "this time"? Does he even know he's has been "TKO'ed"? How much longer will he drag the American people through this scandal? When will he learn, "enough is enough"? ON to the next candidate!

Lately, that side of America has been a day late and dollar short. Just like the rest of us American "poor as dirt" farmers.

Defending himself and talking about attacks against the wealthiest Americans, what were those ladies? Angry and uncomfortable, how much of that can "The Godfather" stand? Herman Cain's Sexual Harassment and abuse?

(((your inner

Attacks against the wealthiest Americans

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