They said

What do they say about dating convicts?

I would be a fool to try and tell you what to do. Am I saying something worthwhile or do I just don't make any sense?

How many people lose their lives, relationships… all because of what they said? Would you allow anybody to tear-down your house, no matter how bad they think it is?

Sadam, Osama, JFK, MLK, unsung heroes… and many more have lost their lives, all because of what they said.

Now, my question you is: What do you say? If, I woulda, shoulda, coulda, what language is that? How do you know when a person is doing something? Can you tell when it’s good or bad? There are those who talk and those who do, which are you? Just where do you find those who talk? Are they in our institutions of higher development? Say one thing but do another, how is that keeping you on top of your game? What do you think about that? How do you keep the peace with yourself? Are you perfectly happy with saying one thing while you are doing another? What happens when the curse is reversed?

I love challenging myself and in doing so, I am most often out of my element. Do you really know what I mean by being out of my element? Then, why the fuck should I listen to you?

Keep it real, country boy style. If your husband likes porn, what should you do? If you gurl likes other women, what should you do? If you like discreet dating, what should you do… Are these real scenarios or made up? What should YOU do?

Closing your eyes, keeping your mouth shut… is not going to help these situations. When people go to talking about you, is that a good thing or does it depend on what you’re doing? Do you have a problem balancing the two? What if I took to heart what they said about you, much of which I do see? Do I have to accept it, believe it, take it to heart? Can I look deeper and see those things I adore in you? Content and character goes a long ways with people who want to remain in good healthy relationships.

Being true to one’s self is most important, and does not hinge on what others say, nor think. Why did Hillary stick with Bill? Why does Michelle stick with Barack? Is it because these men are so damn good, better than the rest… or is it because we’re all the same?

Am I writing for you or for me? What does freedom mean?

(((your inner

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