A scholar and a Gentlemen

People are always trying to be funny. I am serious people like to laugh and love being funny. How funny are you? What happens when you in the mirror look? Funny isn't it, real damn funny or is that pathetic?

A scholar and a gentlemen, do you know the difference? Most scholars think a gentlemen has something to do with how you are suppose to treat women.

But what is a gentleman, what is He suppose to do? How far are we off? A man doesn't realize he's wrong until he first admits to himself he is wrong. Did you know you could be wrong, thinking you are right? How do you explain that?

.highly regarded,respected and educated, but educated to do what, by who? Did you mean your inner voice?

Do you really love what you do? Is it your passion? Have you mastered it?

(((your inner

The Water

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