Forces WAter

Mother Nature Her Forces, how and why?

Why would anyone deliberately do an evil thing? Can we help ourselves? Who do you read and what do you get from it?

Life giving water, why are you living on the land? Is it better to know about current events, so you can be better prepared for tomorrow? By Tomorrow, I will have forgotten the current events of yesterday.

So what exactly is it I am suppose to keep up with? Which is the more bleak, my present or my past? My future remains dim until I change. Do I really know what I'm doing, do you? How close are you to what you're supposed to be doing? Should you be doing all that stuff? Do you really "know" what you're supposed to be doing? Then why aren't ya? Why so many mistakes? Is it the economy enough to prove it? Would I lie to myself?

You can plant in fertile soil, but without life giving water what will you reap? What can grow without water?

Why are we so afraid of the water, why don’t we live on the water? The earth is well more water than land, why do we live on the land when we come from water? Have you checked the quality of your water lately? Is that more important than sentence structgure? What is the quality of the water you're drinking? Is it better or worse? Don't lie!

Have you ever really thought about that, you come from water. Is it because “they” say He scooped up earth and made…. Then He took a rib and made…, but what about that water?

I used to think Mother Earth was Greatest, but for some reason Water consumes he. Is her purpose to act as a cup to support the weight of water? The forces of Mother Nature, how great are the Heavens, only to think the earth and all its vastness is but a grain of sand to the Water.

Am I a global thinker, national, state, local, international, the universe,,,now what about you? Scholar...

(((your inner

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