developing a sense of being

How much money do you really make? I am just doing my job, the law says...

Can anyone pay you enough money to override your spiritual being, your inner voice? What are the consequences of that?

Always saying yes

How do people develop a sense of being? Why do I always say yes and they always say, NO? Why do you say yes to the wrong people and no to the right people? Answering your own questions? How do you maintain a healthy balance? There are times when you must say NO in order to maintain balance. Is that how and why we are denied? There are times when it is more important to know what not to do, than it is what to do.

When it comes to certain people, why are you always saying yes. Every time lazy folk ask for something, why are you always saying yes?

Even though the universe always say, Yes; means you cannot. You are not the Universe and nor do you make anything happen, so when people ask you for something you cannot give it until the Universe says yes. It all has to do with divine timing and every person must learn how to work within it. That is our incentive to live right, what moves a people in the right direction and to realize what works and what does not.

How does your place of employment affect all of this?

(((your inner

Job scared

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